Hotel Elliott Astoria

Travelers And Locals Alike Choose Hotel Elliott For Its Friendly And Welcoming Service, Stunning Architectural Features, And Terrific Central Location In Astoria’s Historic District, Just Across The Street From The Famed Liberty Theater.

Hotel Elliott Overlooks The Majestic Columbia River And Oregon’s Most Impressive Collection Of Hillside Victorian Homes.


Astoria, Oregon


No matter where you turn in Astoria, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the rich history of the Pacific Northwest. Originally discovered by Lewis and Clark, this was the final place where their expedition spent the harsh winter of 1805-06 at Fort Clatsop awaiting a ship to pick them up, before turning around and heading home. John Jacob Astor’s Pacific Fur Company opened their primary outpost, Fort Astoria, in 1811, making Astoria the first permanent settlement west of the Rocky Mountains.

During the War of 1812, the British overtook the fort and renamed it Fort George in 1813. In 1818 the United States and Great Britain agreed upon the American-Anglo Treaty, and Astoria was rightfully claimed by both until 1848 when Great Britain renounced any claim south of the

Astoria was founded at a time when the American West didn’t yet include the Louisiana Purchase and such areas as Arkansaw, which would later become Arkansas; all of California, Arizona, Utah, were claimed by Spain or Mexico;  Astoria stood out as a beacon of the American westward expansion to come over the next century. As the fur trade gave way to the Oregon Trail, much of the history of the Pacific Northwest can trace its beginnings to Astoria.

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