No matter where you turn in Astoria, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the rich history of the Pacific Northwest. Originally discovered by Lewis and Clark, this was the final place where their expedition spent the harsh winter of 1805-06 at Fort Clatsop awaiting a ship to pick them up, before turning around and heading home. John Jacob Astor’s Pacific Fur Company opened their primary outpost, Fort Astoria, in 1811, making Astoria the first permanent settlement west of the Rocky Mountains.

During the War of 1812, the British overtook the fort and renamed it Fort George in 1813. In 1818 the United States and Great Britain agreed upon the American-Anglo Treaty, and Astoria was rightfully claimed by both until 1848 when Great Britain renounced any claim south of the

Astoria was founded at a time when the American West didn’t yet include the Louisiana Purchase and such areas as Arkansaw, which would later become Arkansas; all of California, Arizona, Utah, were claimed by Spain or Mexico;  Astoria stood out as a beacon of the American westward expansion to come over the next century. As the fur trade gave way to the Oregon Trail, much of the history of the Pacific Northwest can trace its beginnings to Astoria.

Astoria, Oregon



Hailed as one of the premiere summer music festivals in the Pacific Northwest, the Astoria Music Festival offers an exquisite experience of musical performances of the highest artistry amidst the natural beauty of Astoria, Oregon – where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Each June the Festival — star-studded with nationally and internationally celebrated vocalists and instrumentalists — produces a 17-day season of symphony, opera, and chamber music concerts, as well as dance and film.

Programs are selected and conducted by Artistic Director Keith Clark, who invites world-renown soloists to perform as featured artists with a professional orchestra of musicians who come from across the United States for a three-week stay on the Oregon coast. Festival concerts are held in the beautifully restored historic Liberty Theater, as well as several  old churches and the local college’s performing arts center. An experience you won’t forget!

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The Festival provides an amazing venue for film buffs and those in pursuit of intellectual adventures to immerse themselves in a thoughtfully curated selection of documentary and dramatic films by regional and international filmmakers.

Held in a private screening-like setting at the 1925 vaudeville-style restored Liberty Theater in historic downtown Astoria.

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The Astoria Regatta is celebrating its 125th Anniversary in 2019! As one of the oldest festival west of the Rockies, the Regatta is a celebration of the Northwest’s maritime history and future.

Since 1894, the Astoria Regatta has been a family tradition for people throughout Clatsop County, including Knappa, Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside, and Cannon Beach, and everywhere in between! It has been designated a Historic Cultural Tradition by the Oregon State Historic Commission.

The festival includes fun runs, parades, movies in the park, food, music and so much more! The Astoria Regatta this year will be August 7 – 10th.

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Local Attractions


Since the filming of The Fisherman’s Bride in 1908, Oregon has been a destination for film producers, cast and crew of hundreds of television shows, commercials and movies. Learn to change the film in the main camera from the crew of Kindergarten Cop, and recreate scenes from classics such as The Shining, all in the old Clatsop County jail where scenes from Short Circuit, The Goonies and Come See the Paradise were filmed.



Take a step back in time on the historical Old 300 Trolley. Originally built in Saint Louis, the trolley entered service in 1913 in San Antonio. Like so many street cars, trolleys and trams of the day, the Old 300 would have been lost to history if not for restoration efforts in 1980. After service on the Willamette Shore Trolley in Lake Oswego, the Old 300 was brought to its current home. Today, you can tour the Astoria waterfront aboard the Astoria Riverfront Trolley with local volunteer conductors and motormen who will guide you through the history and stories of the region.



Built in 1924, the theater was revitalized when in 1998 local volunteers restored the theater to its original beauty. When you walk into the theater, it’s not difficult to yourself sitting in one of the seats back in the 1920’s as Clark Gable began his career on the very stage before you. Throughout the year, the Liberty Theater features concerts, plays, movies and more, including the Astoria International Film Festival every fall.



The Fort George Building, originally built as an automotive service center, today houses the Fort George Brewery & Public House. This brewery always works to improve their product, calling their beer, “the best pint of beer you’ve had today.” From the welcoming atmosphere, to the wide variety of great food and beverage available, and all while maintaining a relatively simple menu with lots of great choices on draught, the Fort George Brewery & Public House will quickly become a favorite place to relax and take in a meal and a pint while in Astoria. We suggest you start with the flight of all their current brews on tap, and then go from there.

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